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Helping you cut costs, scale revenue, and stay ahead of competition by AI Automation of Sales, Marketing, Customer Support and Operations.

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Powerful AI Automation solutions behind simple chat interfaces.

  • Real-time Data of your business
  • All Documents / Archives
  • Emulates your Business Processes
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Chats with you about your business data.

It answers questions like:
  • Show orders since morning
  • How many cold emails did we send
  • What was our sales last month
  • Show all customer support requests
AI business assistant

Assists you and team in business tasks.

It can handle responsibilities like:
  • Provide customer support via website
  • Send 100 cold emails everyday
  • Take appointments from customers
  • Upsell packages, payment processing
How AI Service Works

Perfectly fit your business needs.

It can:
  • Assist everybody based on set rules
  • Customizable, with integrations
  • Work 24x7 scalably reliably
  • Learn with every interaction
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All of these combined behind a single chat interface to help you manage your entire business. Empowering your business with an intelligent bot who understands its responsibilities and works 24x7 - which can be implemented on your website as a chatbot, or as a stand-alone web or mobile application.

How our AI and Automation Agency Works

AI Automation Agency India works like your Chief AI Officer - providing you a hands-free solution to leveraging AI for business efficiency.

Reasons to work with AI Automation Agency India in 2024

Frequently asked Questions

Each of our products comes with its own price, which includes upto 10 hours of development costs for integration. In case your setup requires more development hours, we may discuss additional investment with you. Assume an average rate of $40/hr for implementation/development, and $125/hr for strategy/consulting regarding how to structure your business processes to maximise for automation. The exact mix of resources is determined by the complexity of your project.
The future of work is completely-automated businesses, so a critical look at every business will reveal elements that can be simple automated / AI automated. We at AAI can help you list out how you can cut costs and scale up revenues.
We are the team behind BizBot logo - an open source AI Business Assistant. Our team members have a combined experience of serving hundreds of clients across the globe, including business automation. When you want AI Automation, you're in good hands.

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Cut costs, scale revenues.

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AAI is a brand by Zimeshare Technologies (OPC) Pvt Ltd India.
We are the team behind - the open source BizBot logo Framework,
and RedRock Digimark - our agency brand from 2011-23.

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