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Our speciality is to make powerful AI bots that can act like "Virtual Employees".

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Internal Business Info

  • Show orders since morning
  • How many cold emails did we send
  • What was our sales last month
  • Show all customer support requests
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Business Processes

  • Provide customer support via website
  • Send 100 cold emails everyday
  • Take appointments from customers
  • Upsell packages, payment processing
How AI Automation works

How it works

  • Assists everybody based on set rules
  • Customizable, with integrations
  • Work 24x7 scalably reliably
  • Learns with every interaction
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Powerful Chatbots that can
help with human responsibilities.

How an AI Automation Service Works

Our AI Automation Service provides you with a hands-free solution to keep your business competitive in this AI era.

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Cut costs, scale revenues.

AI Automation Service refers to using AI technology to automate tasks, like in a business. This service is typically taken by businesses looking to leverage AI and become better, faster and cheaper.

AI Automation Service

It refers to the usage of various AI technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, or Large Language Models (either directly, or via an API call). AI Automation can improve efficiency, accuracy, and scalability across various business processes, from customer service to data analysis - we at AAI provide this service to our clients.
Humans are the new "horses in the motor-car era". Today AI can significantly fatten up your business by reducing manual workloads, faster up your business decision-making with data-driven insights arrived in millisecond-based timelines, blow away the competition by enhancing customer experiences through personalized interactions - all delivered at scale!
Never before could businesses become faster, better and cheaper - together! And the applications - can be literally anything! AI automation is about using AI to interact with data - like sales data from your CRM, or your annual statement, or a quote - so the possibilities are truly endless.
AI Automation Services are versatile and can handle a wide range of tasks, including but not limited to customer support chatbots, email sorting and response, scheduling and reminders, data entry and validation, predictive analytics, content generation, and social media management. Essentially, any task that involves data processing, pattern recognition, or repetitive processes can be automated.

Typically businesses with automate their Marketing, Sales, HR, Customer support, Admin processes. Our apps help your business become more efficient by saving both time and money and making processes run smoother.

Today's AI-based software is ALREADY capable of doing whatever employees do - handling customers, negotiating, providing quotations, doing the actual service etc.
Even though the cost of AI Automation Service can very greatly, we are confident that you will get positive ROI on the cost to build the solution - that the app will pay for itself by the cost savings it brings.

Simple solutions could be built in as little as $800 + usage costs, while complex solutions could take many more man hours - assume an average rate of $40/hr for implementation / development, and $125/hr for consulting on structuring the business processes to maximise for automation. The exact mix of resources is determined by the complexity of your project.
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When a revolutionary opportunity knocks on your door, a wise businessman doesn't slam it shut.

As 2024 starts, we hear news of the economy being shaky, and we hear about competition adapting to AI - becoming faster, leaner and stronger. They won't stop. Be smart, use AI Automation to move with the times.
AI may not replace humans, but humans who use AI will definitely replace humans who don't.

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Entire job categories are being made 30% more efficient, 50% more efficient in year one. And I think in year two, it speeds up.
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Almost every business will be AI-first by 2027. By 2030, most businesses will be managed by AI Bots.
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There's 0 doubt in my mind that this is the most transformative period in the history of humankind.

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There is no way your competition won't adapt AI, and there is no way that "their" adoption would not threaten "your" business.
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