Automate your customer service with
AI Frontdesk

An AI Receptionist chatbot that assists your website users 24x7 with relevant information, alongwith context-aware functions.

Better and cheaper:
AI Frontdesk
Transform Customer Care and cut costs

AI Frontdesk provides users with instant information, personalized experiences, and efficient task automation. Revolutionize your customer service and transform the way your business communicates.

Embrace an intelligent, automated, customizable and scalable customer support process.

Customize AI Frontdesk for your business

We can customize AI Frontdesk to emulate your business processes.

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Context-aware Assistance

AI Frontdesk understands whether a user is a guest or logged in, a high-paying customer etc., and presents options accordingly.

Customizable as per your needs

Customize any functions like Appointment Scheduling, Order Taking, Payment Processing, Discounts etc. presented to users.

Infinite Scalability

Handle 50 users at same time. or 100. No scaling limits. Delighting customers with personalized, multi-channel communication exactly as expected.

Case Studies



Products sold through a website

Features Setup: Recommends products, understands preferences, builds rapport.

Personality Setup: No overselling - just show add to cart.

Integrations: Real-time inventory fetch, cart, email, omnichannel solutions.

Simple Services

Simple Services

Services usually sold through a brochure

Features Setup: Recommends packages, grasps user details.

Personality Setup: Pushes guests to register. Slowly guides users to pay or take an appointment.

Integrations: Payment Integration.

Large Inventory

Products from a Large Directory

SKUs typically coming from a database

Features Setup: Composite items, detailed Inventory calculator.

Personality Setup: Only serves logged in B2B users, recommends alternatives.

Integrations: Escalation to human customer care for queries.

Complex Explanation

Complex Services

Configurable services, lots of detailed stats

Features Setup: Asks lots of questions like a trusted advisor.

Personality Setup: After a threshold, uses sales tricks to close fast.

Integrations: Live monitoring of chat and possible interjection by human agents.

Key benefits

Increase Efficiency

Use AI Frontdesk for mass user engagement, while empower your engagement team to focus on higher-value items.

Business made easy

Helps free up your time from repeated user queries and basic workflows like appointments and payments.

Better Engagement

Engage, Delight, Convert: AI Frontdesk elevates your customer relationships for a lasting impact.

Data Advantage

Compounding via AI: every interaction empowers further decision-making via insights into customer behavior.


$ 8,499/-
  + 3.7% commission on Sales

One-time setup fee for lifetime of AI Frontdesk
Then, we make money only when you make money.

offer details for lifetime access

$ 1,699/-
   +5.7% commission on Sales

One time setup fee for a limited 90-day trial

offer details for 90 days limited trial


Aligned interests

A fair commission model to align lifetime interests - we make money only when you make money.

A Lifetime of Partnership

We're looking for domain partners and you're looking for AI - which we keep evolving. It's a match made in heaven.

One AI to manage it all

Our AI is so good that you'll want it managing everything. And we have the tech to make that happen.

Money back

AI Frontdesk comes with a Money-back Guarantee. Confidently go ahead and try it. You'll find it worth your trust.

How our AI and Automation Agency Works

AI Automation Agency India provides you with a hands-free solution to keep your business competitive in this AI era.

Comparison with other AI Receptionist Products.

No other product offers an end-to-end sales solution which can operate completely autonomously - without human intervention. My AI Front Desk AI Frontdesk
AI generated messages
Can works like a chatbot
Per chat pricing
Limited integrations
Can send texts
Most products are dumb chat interfaces - giving appointment link to anybody who asks. Only AI Frontdesk is context-aware: we may instruct it to provide appointment only if user is a paying customer, or mould it to enable any business process based on your actual business data and needs.
Context-awareness in conversations
Lifetime maintenance & support
We get paid when you get paid*
  • Aligned Incentives

    After a fee, our software earns for us only when it earns for you - commission model.

  • Powerful Support

    We will keep you competitive. We will keep your sales going, even when competing with other AIs.

  • Partnership Model

    We customize our software according to your needs, so it works exactly as you deem fit.

Frequently asked Questions

AI Frontdesk is a Smart Receptionist AI Automation Solution. It acts like a Virtual Receptionist over the client's website - we embed the exact customer support process into an AI chatbot, then integrated the chatbot into the client's website, where it can assist users based on their status - different options and information contexts for guests, logged in users and for high-paying customers etc. AI Frontdesk understands their requirements and then provides them the correct solution. It has all the functions you would expect from a human receptionist.

  • Context-aware responses: Assist all types of users - guests / potential clients / current clients appropriately (context-aware). It can understand their individual requirements and then pitch them the correct solution / package / offer appropriately (context-aware) - Just like a person, it has the capability to understand whether a user is a registered user / logged in or not, and present options to the user accordingly. It can see user's payment history and understand if the user is a high-margin client etc. and pitch accordingly.
  • Has Many Integrations: AI Frontdesk can be integrated into CRM Solutions, Zapier, Whatsapp, Emails, Any third party APIs etc. It is a scalable Digital Receptionist which can even handle hundreds of user conversations simultaneously - each time providing completely Tailored Customer Experiences. It can even take payments: It has the ability to show set packages, present offers, and help the user checkout via payment gateway integrations.
We have the AI technology to be able to churn sales, and we're eager to partner with businesses who have the foresight to use AI to their advantage.

So our offer is simple to align incentives for the long term. We have a one-time fee, after which you get lifetime subscription. There's no recurring fee or monthly retainer. We get paid when you get paid - whenever our software makes a sale, we invoice you a flat 3.7% commission on the total sale made.

Plus, you cover any additional API usage-based expenses. For example, during the setup, if you chose to let AAI manage your OpenAI key, or any other apis/integration keys which are usage-based, we will invoice you to cover the cost of the api expenses incurred by your installation. Ofcourse if you're using your own API Key, there will be no such expenses.
Human receptionists can physically handle one customer in person at a time, or at most a dozen customers online via chat. AI Frontdesk can support your Receptionist by assisting her with automated interactions, and bringing only the most important online conversations to her focus, so that you can handle the most business efficiently.
We at AAI are here to help you customize your AI Frontdesk to best augment your business. We can add multiple integrations like Zapier,, Whatsapp, SMS etc. But as of 2024, AI Frontdesk cannot take phone calls, though we believe this functionality would be available shortly.
AI FrontDesk is an exceptional AI for Small Businesses. It is an Enterprise-level AI Solution which provides Dynamic Conversations with Chatbots, and it is available as an AI for Small Businesses. It is a very powerful Cost-saving AI Technology, and a great way to increase business efficiency using AI. In essence, it is a Smart AI Receptionist, which is useful in a variety of business applications - from Doctors to Spas to Shops with physical products to even factories with huge inventories - every business needs to face clients, and needs a scalable efficient and cost effective solution for Automated Front Office. AI Frontdesk is an AI-driven Frontdesk Platform, and can help your business streamline its operations using an AI chatbot. It allows a business to offer Real-time Customer Support with Chatbots, so it is a Cutting-edge AI Frontdesk.
AI treats every interaction as a learning opportunity. The more it learns, the better it gets. By implementing AI in your business in 2024, you can gain a tremendous advantage over the competition - by giving a headstart to your business dataset - which is the backbone using which AI learns.
Yes, we offer a Money-Back Guarantee for the AI Frontdesk product. If you do not like the product for any reason, you can email us your request for a refund within 15 days of your purchase. Since this product often requires customization and investment of software development manhours from our side, a $1000 charge may be levied on the refund, though we may decide to not levy it also.

We sincerely offer this Money-Back Guarantee in the hopes that clients can see the value-vs-risk proposition inherent in the purchase and can confidently try the product.

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