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An AI-powered Sales Assistant software that assists your website users 24x7 with relevant information, and slowly builds rapport and boosts conversion rates.

Sales Process Automation:
AI Salesman
Scales your Revenues

Traditional manual sales processes have inefficiencies - time-consuming tasks, inconsistent customer interactions, and a lack of scalability for personalized engagement. AI Salesman is a game-changer: seamlessly automate tasks, qualify leads with precision, and deliver personalized interactions at scale.

Embrace an intelligent, automated, customizable and scalable sales process.

Trained on the best

Trained to simulate the best salesmen: Ask questions, overcome objections step-by-step and instill confidence in the purchase decision.

Customizable as per your needs

Automatic Lead Qualification, Follow-ups, Integrations with SMS, CRMs or Analytics - completely customizable to replicate your current process.

Infinite Scalability

1 AI Salesman = 50 salesmen. or 100. No scaling limits. Delighting customers with personalized, multi-channel communication exactly as expected.

Key benefits

AI Sales Assistant

Increase Efficiency by using for bulk sales impact: empower your sales team to focus on higher-value items.

Conversion Optimization

Automated lead qualification, lead segmentation and personalized offers propel your conversion rates.

Better Engagement

Chatbot for Sales Engage, Delight, Convert 24x7: better and more via Customer Engagement Automation.

Data Advantage

Compounding via AI: every interaction empowers further decision-making via insights into customer behavior.


Lifetime Subscription

$ 18,499/-
   + 3.7% commission on Sales

One-time setup fee for lifetime of AI Salesman
After this, we make money only when you make money, so we work hard on keeping the AI sharp and keep churning sales for you.

Quarterly Subscription

$ 3,399/-
   +5.7% commission on Sales

Recurring Quarterly fee for AI Salesman
After this, we make money only when you make money, so we work hard on keeping the AI sharp and keep churning sales for you.

Aligned interests

A fair commission model to align lifetime interests - we make money only when you make money.

A Lifetime of Partnership

We're looking for domain partners and you're looking for AI - which we keep evolving. It's a match made in heaven.

One AI to manage it all

Our AI is so good that you'll want it managing everything. And we have the tech to make that happen.

Money back

AI Salesman comes with a Money-back Guarantee. Confidently go ahead and try it. You'll find it worth your trust.

How our AI and Automation Agency Works

We work like your Chief AI Officer - we provide you with a hands-free solution to upgrade your business in sync with AI trends.

Comparison with other AI Sales Products.

No other product offers an end-to-end sales solution which can operate completely autonomously - without human intervention.

Veloxy SalesMind Ai AI Salesman
AI generated messages
Prospect analysis
Multi-account interface
AI tailored sales strategy
End-to-End Marketing, Sales and Chat
Context-awareness in conversations
Lifetime maintenance & support
We get paid when you get paid*
  • Aligned Incentives

    After a fee, our software earns for us only when it earns for you - commission model.

  • Powerful Support

    We will keep you competitive. We will keep your sales going, even when competing with other AIs.

  • Partnership Model

    We customize our software according to your needs, so it works exactly as you deem fit.


AI Salesman is an Intelligent Sales Automation Solution - it replicates the exact process followed at your business over a simple conversation-based interface, so working with it feels like chatting with a friend. You can embed it on your website to assist your users - they will see it as a Chatbot for Sales.

  • Automate Cold Outreach, Follow-up Sequencing: It can send automatic cold outreach emails to thousands of emails every day (via email integration). It can follow up and reply by itself, ultimately bringing them to the chat.
  • Context-aware responses: Assist all types of users - guests / potential clients / current clients appropriately (context-aware). It can understand their individual requirements and then pitch them the correct solution / package / offer appropriately (context-aware) - Just like a person, it has the capability to understand whether a user is a registered user / logged in or not, and present options to the user accordingly. It can see user's payment history and understand if the user is a high-margin client etc. and pitch accordingly. It has all the functions you would expect from a trained human salesman.
  • Can follow scripts: Even though it is trained on conversations of the best salesmen, it can be configured to tightly follow established sales scripts and built rapport over time by asking a set series of questions etc. and leading the user over his objections to a defined sales outcome.
  • Has Many Integrations: It provides Omnichannel Sales Automation - can be integrated with multiple third party tools like Zapier, Salesforce, Whatsapp etc., can do intelligent Lead Qualification, is trained on the best sales conversations, it is customizable to fit your exact business process. It is a scalable Sales Automation Solution which can even handle hundreds of user conversations simultaneously - each time providing completely Personalized Sales Interactions. It can even take payments: It has the ability to show set packages, present offers, and help the user checkout via payment gateway integrations.
Achieve Sales Workflow Optimization - if you already have a sales team, you can use our AI Salesman solution to support your existing sales process too, by automating low-value sales / low impact items / easy incoming sales by it. That way you can use your sales team to focus only on high-ticket sales and relationship making.
Yes, that is what AI Salesman does. Once you upload a database of leads into the system, AI Salesman creates a campaign and sends out cold outreach emails with the most persuasive words. Over time it slowly ramps up the email campaign to reach a plateau of activity. It automatically follows up with leads, bringing them into a conversation, provides them all the information they ask for and gives them lucrative offers to sign up and try the service. Thus, it manages the process FROM LEAD TO CLIENT.
We at AAI are here to help you customize your AI Salesman to best augment your business. We can add multiple integrations like Zapier,, Whatsapp, SMS etc. But as of 2024, AI Salesman cannot take phone calls, though we believe this functionality would be available shortly.
Schedule a call with us today to discuss how AAI can setup AI Salesman for you.
AI treats every interaction as a learning opportunity. The more it learns, the better it gets. By implementing AI in your business in 2024, you can gain a tremendous advantage over the competition - by giving a headstart to your business dataset - which is the backbone using which AI learns.
Yes, we offer a Money-Back Guarantee for the AI Salesman product. If you do not like the product for any reason, you can email us your request for a refund within 15 days of your purchase. Since this product often requires customization and investment of software development manhours from our side, a $1000 charge may be levied on the refund, though we may decide to not levy it also.

We sincerely offer this Money-Back Guarantee in the hopes that clients can see the value-vs-risk proposition inherent in the purchase and can confidently try the product.

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